Today Karva Chauth Moon Rising Time In Delhi Mumbai Banglore

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Karva Chauth 17th Oct 2019 Chaand Nikalne Ka Samay

Today Karva Chauth Moon Rise/ Rising Time In India – Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Punjab – Karva Chauth is most beautiful festival Celebrate by all the couples and on this festival. Wives do a fast for their husband long life and all the wives start them before sun rising and do ends after sighting time moon.

And if you came here to get the today Karva Chauth moon rose time then you are at right place. In this post, we will tell you the exact Moon rising time in all over the city of India and Nepal because it’s Mandatory to end your fast at the exact time.

17 Oct 2019 Karva Chauth Moon Rising time In India

And Karva Chauth fast ends while you sighting the full moon properly. And In India the moon rising time in all over India Is different and there is major difference Karva Chauth moonrise time in North India and In South India and same for west India and East India.
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There is a lot of difference in Moonrise time on Karva Chauth festival because India is one of the most biggest Country in the world to sight the moon on Karva Chauth at the same time is not possible that’s why Karva Chauth moonrise time is not same in all over India but our visitors you don’t worry about that we will provide you with the exact Information about the Karva Chauth moonrise time of every state and city of India.

17 of October at Thursday Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Punjab Delhi Bangalore Mumbai

Below you will get the exact time Of Karva Chauth Which is on 17th October 2019 and the Exact also in mention below by city wise

 Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time
Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time

Mostly In all the City Of India, Karva Chauth moon rising time will be on 8:36 PM. And Karva Chauth Puja Muhurat Will be starting on 5:56 and Will be ending on 7:12.

Karva Chauth 2016 Moon Rising Time City Wise

Mumbai  8:37 PM
Delhi  8:38 PM
Bangalore  8:37 PM
Hyderabad  8:37 PM
Chennai  8:39 PM
Kolkata  8:37 PM
Lucknow  8:40 PM
Jaipur  8:38 PM
Bhopal  8:37 PM
Patna  8:41 PM
Srinagar  8:41 PM
Ranchi  8:39 PM
Raipur  8:42 PM
Chandigarh  8:40 PM
Thiruvananthapuram  8:36 PM
Ahmedabad  8:36 PM
Surat  8:37 PM
Pune  8:40 PM
Nashik  8:42 PM
Faridabad  8:41 PM
Vijayawada  8:40 PM
Meerut  8:39 PM
Rajkot  8:39 PM
Kalyan-Dombivali  8:38 PM
Varanasi  8:37 PM
Vasai-Virar  8:40 PM
Allahabad  8:41 PM
Aurangabad  8:42 PM
Dhanbad  8:40 PM
Amritsar  8:38 PM
Gwalior  8:38 PM
Agra  8:39 PM
Ludhiana  8:39 PM
Ghaziabad  8:38 PM
Dehradun  8:40 PM
Agartala  8:37 PM
Gandhinagar  8:38 PM
Amaravati  8:39 PM
Indore  8:40 PM
Kanpur  8:37 PM
Thane  8:42 PM
Nagpur  8:41 PM
Dehradun 8:37 PM
Rishikesh 8:40 PM
Haridwar 8:39 PM
Karwa Chauth wishes
Karwa Chauth wishes

Important Detail

1. The above time is applicable in India and The time is not for the country as like Australia, America, Canada, London. Predict your Karva Chauth time by comparing the above time
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2. All the Time which is mention above are in Ist – ( Indian Standard Time )

3. The Person who is fasting can’t drink even as a single drop of water and anything which is made up of grains

Today Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Delhi Mumbai Banglore

4. The Fasting time should be started before the sunrise and it will end after seeing a Moon.

5. The Husband should be there and you have to eat or drink water from your husband hands only.

Hope that now you get the correct Information about Today Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time/ Moonsighting 

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